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Why use Core Flow

People in Core flow perform more and have a better life quality.

You want people that feel safe to speak their mind.

Achieving better solutions.
Achieving the feeling of being accepted
Achieving the relevant input for creating the best results

You want people that are connected and oriented towards the company strategy.

Achieving understanding and meaning.
Achieving that more work is done on the right things
Achieving that the strategy is fulfilled or changed

You want people that can balance demands and resources.

Achieving higher performance.
Achieving better utilization of resources.
Achieving focus on prioritization of demands.

The 3 Dimensions in Core Flow

1. Psychological Safety

Let us talk in a way so we dare to share our opinions.

2. Connection to the Strategy

Let us talk about the right things in order to do right things and move in the right directions.

3. Flow

Let us work with it in a prioritized realistic way -balancing demands and resources – creating work-life quality.

How we suggest to co-do with you

Who are we - The Core Flow Team

Nels Karsvang

MA in Psychology, Philosophy & Theory of Science
We are on a development journey and continuously look forward to be inspired and shaped by new passionate Core flow people and organizations.

Muqeet Ahmad

M.Sc. Engineering Management 
We are developing a business and a movement. We build the technical infrastructure and interfaces that makes it easy to use.

Anders Bjernå

M.Sc. Psychology

We trail blaze and deep dive the research literature in order to find the best road forward. We just want to develop the best. 

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